Our mission

Our mission is to offer a platform to Beatmakers around the world, a sales area, a real marketplace where every artist can present his work, sell his product and profit in a secure environment, while offering them the possibility of international visibility, a constant accreditation of their work and career opportunities in the world of music. The platform will also be a social media and will offer many other elements to promote this beautiful job. m├ętier.

Who We Are

King Music Share is a group aimed at changing the world and especially the music market.
This project came about as a result of a love for loud and fairly continuous music.
Then in this love, an interest for the beats (melody of a song) was born in me and so I ended up being interested in everything that touched this world. I then met people, who became friends and with whom I could discuss this art.
Very often, his artists complained of the same point: "the beatmaker is essential in the success of a song, they no longer appreciate being in the shadow otherwise only behind the scenes of a song, and that they wanted beatmaking to be considered a real job, as in the United States. "
So I looked at the issue by watching the clips and music and very often I noticed that the beatmaker was not always credited with his work but that we just looked at that of the singer, rapper forgetting "behind the scenes of the song" .
Then I put my ideas and my analyzes together, to set up a way to give each beatmaker a chance to admire his art, while receiving the credit he deserves.

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